Fully modular and scalable, gear-operated crank table system in raw cast iron treated with rust prevention coating. Each bridge component can be used to extend base to accommodate multi-leg configurations for longer bases, thus a range of round top to conference table configurations are possible. 'L'-shape and 'U'-shape configurations are also possible. Shipped with larger components preassembled in a protected box crate. Easy to assemble. 

Each section independently operated and set to different heights for sitting and standing table configurations. Can add unlimited leg/sections. See 'Juggernaut Extensions' for pricing.

Total base length (TBL) measurements (+ additional leg/sections):

  • (S) 2-hole base = 53" TBL (each additional leg/section +49")
  • (M) 3-hole base = 61" TBL (each additional leg/section +57")
  • (L) 4-hole base = 73" TBL (each additional leg/section +69")